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Quality product range that covers all your needs for wound management

As we all know, one of human beings vital needs is, a textile product for different purposes. So, as indicated above our plant will produce textiles for different uses in both manufacturing streams.

Every step of the production goes through a certified safe environment

Tasted and strong material for durable usage

Locally sourced cotton directly from the farm to our factory

Healthcare is a safety first business and we will make sure the patients will get the right care


100% cotton gauze bandage, absorbent, with selvedge, non-sterile, individually wrapped in protective wrapping, roll(s): approx. 2.5-15cm x 4-5m, 12 per pack. Gauze bandages for holding minor wound dressings in place. Selvedge protects against fraying. Non-elastic and non-adhesive.

Cotton Absorbents

100% cotton wool roll, absorbent, in protective wrapping (plastic or paper), non-sterile, roll sizes: 100g, 500g or 1kg.For general clinic use, e.g. making Q-tips, cleaning and disinfecting wounds. Plastic wrapping preferable as it protects against humidity.


Roll, gauze absorbent,100% cotton, protective wrapping (generally paper) non-sterile, approx. 20-22cm x 90m or Folded, gauze absorbent, 100% cotton, with selvedge, protective wrapping (generally paper), non-sterile, approx. 65-90cm x 60-100cm. For making up non-sterile pads to cover and protect wounds

Gauze Swabs

Non-sterile: Gauze absorbent, 100% cotton, woven, 8-12 ply, non-sterile, 10 x 10cm, paper wrapped, 100 per packet and Sterile: Gauze absorbent, 100% cotton, woven, 12 ply, sterile, 10 x 10cm, each pack with peel-off protective wrapping, 5 per pack.
Sterile packs are also available in sizes 5 x 5cm and 7.5 x 7.5cm.

Gauze Pads

Gauze absorbent, 100% cotton, woven, gauze impregnated with paraffin based material, sterile, 10 x 10cm, box (tin) of 10 or 36 or Sterile, single units, individually wrapped, peel apart. For covering and treating wounds, such as burns and scalds. Paraffin prevents dressings sticking to the wound. Can be locally made by mixing gauze squares with Vaseline and sterilizing.

Dressing Pads

Gauze absorbent, 100% cotton, woven: – Non-sterile, approx. 10- 20cm x 20cm, pack of 25 AND – Sterile, individually wrapped, approx. 10-20cm x 20cm, pack of 25. To cover heavily discharging wounds or as a protective second pad. Non-sterile pads can be locally made by wrapping thick piece of cotton wool with gauze

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