Limited Shares for Sale!

Who we are

We are mainly involved in manufacturing and selling of garment and textile based products intended for local and international markets.


To become highly competitive and renowned textile and garment producing company in Ethiopia.


To create a company which produces best quality garment and textile based products to the satisfaction of its customers, which fulfills its corporate responsibility thereby, bringing high returns to its shareholders.

Are you planing to invest in Ethiopia?

Invest in business with long term vision and proven business model that is both sustainable and community based. Request a quote to know how you can involve.


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Sqm of Bandage
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Sqm of Gauze
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Pair of Gloves
Our company strongly believes Sustainable Development and in using least possible environmentally hazardous technology.

When you decided to work with us, you are

  • Investing in a technology that is indigenous to our fathers and for fathers.
  • Investing in the environment and community.
  • Committing your-self to providing the highest quality of product.
  • Engaged in helping your-self financially and also helping our county to save millions of dollars in foreign currency.

Founders Share

  • The price of one share is 1,000Birr
  • The minimum number of shares are 50 shares(50,000Brirr) and the maximum number of shares are 2,000shares(2,000,000Birr)
  • Founders shareholders will benefit from 20% of minimum dividends as all share holder, In addition to that they will earn profit share as a founder.

Members share

  • The price of one share is 1,000Birr.
  • The minimum number of Founders share are 5 shares(5,000Brirr) and the maximum number of shares are 49 shares(49,000Birr)
  • Members share holders will earn 20%

“We did not inherit our earth from our for fathers we borrowed it from our children”