Lino Industrial Trading S.C.

The Right Investment in Healthcare

We are mainly involved in manufacturing and selling of garment and textile based healthcare products intended for local consumption and interantional market.
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Lino Industrial Trading is a newly established share company founded by 10 Ethiopian shareholders with a capital of ETB 20,500,000.00 (Twenty Million Five Hundred Thousand ETB). It intends to raise the capital stated above to ETB 50,000,000.00 (Fifty Million ETB) in the near future, by increasing the number of shareholders in the company. The company has fulfilled all the requirements in the laws of Ethiopia and is currently a legal person with rights and responsibilities.


High standard and certified range of healthcare garments.


100% cotton gauze bandage, absorbent with selvedge and non-sterile, individually wrapped in protective wrapping.


Roll, gauze absorbent,100% cotton, protective wrapping (generally paper) non-sterile


Gauze absorbent, 100% cotton, woven, gauze impregnated with paraffin based material, sterile, 10 x 10cm, box (tin) of 10 or 36


100% cotton wool roll, absorbent, in protective wrapping (plastic or paper), non-sterile, roll sizes: 100g, 500g or 1kg


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News & Events

Factory Visit

Lino Industrial Trading S.C is currently under construction. Our company will schedule a factory visits for its shareholders in the near future. All the necessary details and information’s will be stated.

Shareholders Meeting

Our company will held press conferences as its main aim is to give updates and full address shareholders the company’s current statuses. Featured dates will be posted

Breakthrough In Medical Garment

Lino industrial trading S.C is the first private Ethiopian medical textile and garment manufacturing company. With a vision of satisfying the demand in Ethiopian. And also to involve in exporting the products.